Always Ask These Questions When Planning Any Type of Function

Posted on: 22 December 2015


Planning a function can be very difficult or it can be very enjoyable, depending on the function itself and the help you get for it. Very often the planning can be made easier if you ask the right questions at a venue and of any party planner, caterer, and other such persons you use to help you plan. Note a few questions to always consider when planning any function and how these questions can help you overall.

1. Always ask how varied the menu can be

People today follow a wide variety of diets and it's good to acknowledge this so that all your guests can be happy. Don't assume that, even if your function is a casual barbecue, serving standard hot dogs and hamburgers or steaks will be acceptable. You may have guests who only eat fish for meat, who are vegetarians, or who are vegan and don't eat any animal products including dairy. While you don't want to go broke offering every single option for every diet, be sure to at least include some vegetarian choices like stuffed peppers or mushrooms and dishes made without butter, eggs, and other such animal products.

2. Note if other functions or the public may interfere with your event

You may dream of a wedding on the beach, but does this mean other beachgoers may be nearby, or can you reserve a section of the beach that is somehow closed to the public? If your function will be in a hotel, is it far enough from the lobby or pool that other guests won't be causing a disturbance? Wherever your function or venue, be sure you ask about how other individuals might come near or otherwise disrupt your event.

3. Always ask about signage

Your guests may need directions as to the location of your event, so you need to consider what type of signage may be available. In a hotel, it should direct guests to the appropriate ballroom, and if the event is outdoors, you may need signage to ensure guests know which pavilion is yours or what path to follow to find your part of the beach. In some cases you may want to have a personalized sign made so that it fits the overall décor of your event, but ask if you can bring your own sign and have it set up in a lobby or elsewhere before you assume this can be done.