• Promoting your small bar in the local community

    There is a growing culture of small bars and intimate drinking venues in large Australian cities. These bars are often very appealing to an older demographic of drinkers and attract sophisticated consumers of alcoholic beverages. Here are some ways that you can promote your small bar to draw in these high-value customers.  Themed wine tasting nights One fun idea can be to run wine theme nights, where you get a wine supplier to bring in a range of wines from a certain region or type of grape.
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  • Dang Egg Allergies: Points To Consider When Ordering Your Wedding Cake

    Wedding planning is hard work and choosing the perfect wedding cake is already tough enough without throwing an egg allergy issue into the mix. However, you don't need to despair that you are going to miss out on enjoying the wedding cake just because of this allergy issue. You just need to give a little extra thought as to how you can work around this eggs-asperating problem. Choice Of Cake Shop
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  • How About A "6-Armed" Meal For Better Health?

    Until recently, octopuses were thought to have eight tentacles. However, recent advancements in marine biological research have led to the discovery that octopuses actually have six arms and two legs. Very few people can pull off the fete that is preparing a perfect home meal out of the six-armed fellows. Perhaps this explains the large numbers of people who often frequent sea-food restaurants for this delicacy. This article discusses the nutrients that accompany a meal of octopus for the benefit of sea-food lovers and for those who dare to tease their taste buds.
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