How About A "6-Armed" Meal For Better Health?

Posted on: 22 January 2016


Until recently, octopuses were thought to have eight tentacles. However, recent advancements in marine biological research have led to the discovery that octopuses actually have six arms and two legs.

Very few people can pull off the fete that is preparing a perfect home meal out of the six-armed fellows. Perhaps this explains the large numbers of people who often frequent sea-food restaurants for this delicacy. This article discusses the nutrients that accompany a meal of octopus for the benefit of sea-food lovers and for those who dare to tease their taste buds.


This mineral is charged with the responsibility of carrying oxygen in the bloodstream and delivering this oxygen to body cells, tissues, and organs that need it for normal body function. A healthy person needs a daily dose of iron in small amounts, hence the use of the term "trace mineral" when referring to iron.

Octopus meat is a rich source of iron. Because women need greater quantities of iron to maintain normal body function, it's not a bad idea for women to have a double portion of the six-armed delicacy when at a fresh sea food restaurant.

Those who suffer from anemia as a result of iron-deficiency may also increase their iron take by acquiring a taste for octopus meat.

The B-12 Vitamin

Vitamin B-12 has an important role in the creation of new blood cells within the body. This vitamin also plays an important role in maintaining normal brain function.

As such, regular portions of octopus meat may be the secret to maintaining a sharp IQ resulting from the high concentration of the B-12 vitamin in this delicacy. Perhaps the best thing about getting vitamin B-12 from octopus meat is that there's no risk associated with excess intake. This is because any excess vitamins are excreted from the body through urine. Thus, those who dare to tease their taste buds can have double (even triple) portions of the six-armed delicacy with no qualms.    


Selenium is an anti-oxidant. When present in the body, it neutralizes free radical elements whose presence in the bloodstream may be harmful.  These elements make a meal out of healthy blood cells, thereby reducing one's immunity to various diseases.

Octopus meat is rich in selenium. Therefore, regular portions can help to boost one's immunity.

So, how does a six-armed meal for better health sound? Next time you're at a local seafood restaurant like Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse, see if they offer octupus on their menu.