3 Budget-Conscious Food Tricks to Throw a Fabulous Party Without Breaking the Bank

Posted on: 27 January 2017


Throwing a party is an excellent way to celebrate a milestone in your life –– a birthday, an anniversary or even a special achievement. But it can also come with a costly price tag if you're not careful, so follow these budget-conscious food tricks in your quest to throw a fabulous party . . . without breaking the bank.

Research The Price Of Meats And Choose Wisely Based On Seasonal Changes

Meats are sometimes subject to seasonal fluctuations when it comes to price, so take the time to research the market before you choose your meats for the party. For example, rangeland goat meat in mid 2016 hit nearly $5.80 per kilo, which increased by 30 percent from the previous year. Similarly, beef prices for four steaks could set you back between $50 and $60. There's always a time that some meats are priced cheaper than others, so take the time to visit your local supermarkets and choose more budget-friendly meats for your party. You can even chat with your local butchers about whether any meat rates are about to reduce (or go up) to give you an indicative idea of pricing trends. This allows you to serve up a storm of stunning decisions without having to spend a fortune on meats.

Colour Up Your Table With A Raft Of Fresh Vegetable And Salad Dishes

While kids (and often adults) detest the idea of vegetables and salads, the truth is that you can prepare or get some delicious items prepared for your party –– not only adding a variety of tastes and textures, but also colour to your lunch/dinner table. For example, you can create a leafy delight with mixed salad leaves and cherry tomatoes tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing or you can dress up your mashed potato dish with a delicious brown gravy to add drama to your table. The choices are endless when you colour up your table with a raft of fresh vegetable and salad dishes... at prices usually much lower than the meats you're paying for.

Plan Dishes Laced With Seasonal Ingredients For The Best Prices  

Planning to serve a strawberry sorbet in winter, but it isn't strawberry season until summer in Australia? You're going to end up paying double the price if you're not careful. Similarly tomatoes are available in abundance in summer and spring, which means that they will be cheaply priced in comparison to other seasons in the year. There's no doubt that buying in-season fruits and vegetables will cost you less money because of their large supply during these times. The Seasonal Food Guide will help you prepare and plan dishes laced with seasonal ingredients for the best prices.

Follow these budget-conscious food tricks to throw a fabulous party, whether you choose to prepare the food on your own or hire a professional catering service.