Dang Egg Allergies: Points To Consider When Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Posted on: 27 January 2016


Wedding planning is hard work and choosing the perfect wedding cake is already tough enough without throwing an egg allergy issue into the mix. However, you don't need to despair that you are going to miss out on enjoying the wedding cake just because of this allergy issue. You just need to give a little extra thought as to how you can work around this eggs-asperating problem.

Choice Of Cake Shop

The choice of which cake shop you are going to use to make your wedding cake will make the difference about how this problem is handled. In particular, you need to choose a baker who is experienced in dealing with the delicacy that involves baking for those with allergies.

The last thing you want to happen while you are in your beautiful wedding dress is to have an outbreak of hives or digestive problems because egg contamination occurred while the cake shop was making your wedding cake. Egg contamination can occur when a baker uses utensils or bowls that have previously contained egg, but have not been thoroughly cleaned before being reused.

You may be able to locate an allergy-friendly baker by speaking to others in your area who suffer from the same type of allergy. If you are not part of an allergy support group, visit bakers in your area to ask them about their experience in dealing with this type of issue. Additionally, ask them for references from past clients with allergies, so you can have total piece of mind.

Choice Of Cake

Eggs are added to cakes for three main reasons. The egg white helps the cake to rise, the egg yolk adds to the flavour richness and the total cooked egg binds the cake ingredients together. While a traditional egg-rich wedding cake is not be available to you, you still have options.

A carrot cake, for example, is a rich, moist cake that can be made without using eggs. The moistness of the freshly grated carrots helps to bind the other ingredients together while baking powder can be used to help the cake to rise.

Another option is to have a two-tier wedding cake where the top layer is an egg-free cake, but the bottom layer is a traditional wedding cake recipe. By choosing this option, both you and your guests have their wedding cake needs met.

Cake shops know how to make the ultimate wedding cake to suit any occasion, and this includes catering to clients who have all types of allergies. The perfect wedding cake can be prepared to your specifications, and by choosing the perfect cake shop, it won't be a cake that leaves you with a case of hives after just one bite.