4 Tips for Hiring an Event Caterer

Posted on: 22 December 2015


If you are planning a special event, you might want to hire a caterer. This allows you to spend more time as the host and less time trying to plan and prepare the food, not to mention serving it. Caterers can take your personal preferences and recommendations and make delicious food to impress your guests. Here are some tips for hiring an event caterer.

Consult the Venue First

If you are planning on having the event at a local venue, ask the venue coordinator if they have a list of caterers they enjoy using. While in some cases, this is optional, it can give you a good place to start. Some venues do their own catering, which is easier on you, so that is good information to have upfront. These caterers have been used before, which means they already come highly recommended. You might also get a discount as you are going through the vendor. An added bonus is the fact that the caterer will already be familiar with the layout of the venue and can plan accordingly.

Try Out the Caterer's Food

A good caterer will be willing to let you simple different types of food before hiring them. This gives them a chance to show you some different options you might want to consider, and it allows you to try the food and ensure it is to your liking. When you go to the taste testing, ask to have specific foods available to sample if you already know what type of menu you like. Otherwise, the caterer will prepare a wide variety so you can narrow down your choices.

Check Their References

Even if a caterer comes highly recommended, it is still a good idea to check their other references. This could include previous customers they have worked with that have had similar venues to yours. This ensures you are going to get high-quality service with good food. When talking to the references, ask about the caterer's schedule and if they were prompt, as well as asking about their food handling and safety procedures.  If a customer says the food was good but several guests got ill, it is time to move on and look for a different caterer.

Sign a Contract

Never hire a caterer without having a contract. Going by word-of-mouth can cause issues if they show up late or decide to cancel at the last minute. If you have a contract, you can include details about the service to be provided, the date and time, and whether or not there is a fee if you cancel or if the caterer cancels. This helps provide a guarantee for both you and the catering company.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan for your event catering, and the event will  go as smoothly as possible.