What to Know about Chinese Cuisine in Australia

Posted on: 30 November 2015


Whether you are residing in or visiting Australia, you will find that Chinese food is among the most appreciated Asian cuisines. There are many Chinese restaurants in Australia that serve a wide range of authentic Chinese foods including fast foods, full course meals, deserts, snacks and beverages among others. The impact of Asian cuisine is undeniably great with restaurants delivering meals with high standard quality, authenticity and technical proficiency.

What is included in a meal?

Visiting a Chinese restaurant in Australia, you may be confused as to what to expect or even order for a meal. Asian cuisine is known to offer a wide range of spicy foods; therefore, if you are a fan of spices, Chinese is the way to go.

  • Main foods and desserts

Staple ingredients in Chinese cuisines include noodles, rice, wheat, vegetables, soybeans, herbs and different types of seasonings. Common meals include sweet and sour pork or pork-ribs, chicken, fish, noodles, rice, dumplings and Chinese pickles among others. These meals are made in different styles and with different ingredients to achieve a desired taste.  Also served as part of the main dishes are soups, and soups' stocks made out of meat, bones, vegetables and eggs. Desserts consist of foods such as tarts, red bean buns, dragon's beard candy, pumpkin pancake, almond jelly and grass jelly. One of the main ingredients in Chinese desserts is the red bean which is very delicious.

  • Vegetables

Many Chinese restaurants in Australia serve leafy greens and vegetables which are common in almost every meal. Chinese cuisine consists of cooked rather than raw vegetables, which are usually pickled. Pickled vegetables include cabbage, cucumber, turnip, chili pepper, radishes and winter melons among others. Pickles are usually served as appetizers before a meal due to their savory and refreshing taste.

  • Beverages

Tea is one of the most appreciated Chinese beverages in Chinese restaurants. Different types of Chinese tea include green tea, white tea, oolong tea and compressed tea. In Chinese cuisines, tea is often accompanied by snacks such as small sweets, melon seeds, nuts, dried fruits and plums among many others. Other beverages include milk, herbal drinks and China-brewed liquor.

How to choose a Chinese restaurant

With many Chinese restaurants all over Australia, choosing one can be a great hassle. However, it is worthwhile visiting a few and tasting their dishes before settling on one. Exploring also gives you a chance to taste a wide variety of dishes. One thing for sure is most Chinese restaurants in Australia have great chefs that deliver delicious and authentic Chinese meals.

Since many Chinese restaurants have some dishes written out in Chinese language, it may be difficult to choose a meal if you are unfamiliar with the language. This should not deter you from giving this great cuisine a try since you can always ask the waiter to give a description of the food or even recommend a dish for you.

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